Keeping Your Irons in the Fire – Internet Marketing Part-Time

For some of us it is not feasible or maybe even imaginable to earn our living from home. It is a huge step and ‘culture shock’ when we have spent our working lives tied to one or more corporations. We may have been accustomed to a job that provided health insurance benefits, holiday and sick pay, cost of living increases, retirement “pension” and/or 401k etc, and maybe the possibility for ‘advancement’.

The days when we could depend on a job including all of those benefits or in fact even being a stable situation have long gone what with going ‘global’ and outsourcing, off-shoring, mergers, workforce reductions and bankruptcy. However many jobs today still have some or all of those promises that ‘self-employment’ does not include. In fact when you are starting a business you may not only not have holiday and sick pay, you may be working long hours without pay until you get it going on track!

Obviously this will not be possible in many cases since we need money to survive – food, shelter, and other necessities for ourselves and our families. So the ideal time to try to start an Internet marketing business would be part-time or in our ‘spare’ time. Depending on how little or how much time you have to spare to yourself, you could even look at it like a hobby – and this might be just the ticket since there is not much stress or dire consequences associated with a hobby.

If we start eventually to earn an income from home, and have a job that provides for our needs sufficiently, then we can just put our earnings into either an ‘operating’ or a savings account. Most businesses, even online from home will have some expenses associated and we can use the extra income for that and then later on start to think of it as savings for a ‘rainy day’. In either case it is a very wise idea to have some extra money for who knows what tomorrow may bring.

Others may look at their home business ‘hobby’ as a way to get something extra that their salaries do not allow. These days there is very little left over after expenses to save or to splurge. Some may even need this type of goal to motivate them to work more than the normal number of hours, or to come home from work to work some more, and/or to work on their days ‘off’. So holding a nice fat carrot in front of them like that shiny new car or that exotic vacation is sometimes much more compelling to people than ‘savings for a rainy day’.

In any case, it is a very good idea to start something when it is not a critical need – such as if you should lose your job and have a limited amount of time to find a way to replace your income. At a time like that we can be somewhat hysterical or feel desperate and it is just not the best time to make decisions; we certainly don’t want to have to accept a job we know we are not suited for.

Ideally if we lose our jobs, we will have a certain number of weeks of unemployment insurance and have some other savings we could rely on to get us over the bridge to a new source of steady income. Many however are not that fortunate or the amount they are left with would not even cover their expenses.

Know What To Look For When Choosing Real Estate Agents

Whether you are planning on buying or selling a home in the near future, you can bet that this task will be much easier if you enlist the help of a realtor. These home buying professionals know what it takes to sell your home, and if you are in the market to purchase one, they often get information on hot listings before they even go public. With their expertise, business connections, and knowledge of the area that you are buying or selling, real estate agents can expedite either of these processes and most likely make it cheaper for you as well.

Just because real estate agents are the most qualified professionals to help you buy or sell a home does not mean that they are all equally competent to work with you. Not all real estate agents are the same, and neither is their knowledge of your unique situation. Because of this it is important to know what to look for when selecting a listing partner. The best way to find out if a realtor is right for you is by interviewing him. By asking a few pointed questions you can find out rather quickly whether or not he has what it takes to work with you.

When you attempt to interview a prospective realtor you should find out how many homes or units he has already sold. Also, simply ask him what he can offer you as your buying or selling broker. If the answers to these initial questions are promising, then you can begin to probe deeper. Find out what the broker would do if something went wrong. What if your home is taking longer to sell than expected? Does he have a back-up plan? What if the buyers for the home you are contracted to buy drop out at the last minute? What kind of actions will he take to make the most of situations like these? If the realtor has well-thought, specific answers for questions such as these, then you can rest assure that he has been around the block, so to speak, and you are probably in good hands with his direction.

Your prospective broker should be able to tell by your situation whether or not you will need more or less attention in your buying or selling endeavors. If, for example, you are a stressed-out home owner in trying to sell in a buyers’ market, then the realtor should be more than willing to meet with you regularly to develop strategies, host open houses, and look into non-traditional marketing methods in order to get a deal to happen. If, on the other hand, you are in buying mode, and you have previous experience buying a house, then you may not want real estate agents to be continually holding your hand throughout the entire process. Either way, your realtor should be able to tell where you fall on this spectrum and treat you accordingly. If he does not adequately read your situation, it could show a lack of experience or even poor interaction skills. Both of these possibilities should be considered major red flags.

Referral Marketing Criticisms! Is the Criticisms Referral Marketing justified

Attention, this article may change your horizon versus Referral Marketing. Referral Marketing offers unique and often lucrative opportunities to work from home and make some extra income, or to quit the corporate grind all together and go into business for yourself. There are some harsh criticisms of the practice however. Some companies use this form of marketing to make a lot of money for themselves and the people who work with them, but others take advantage of the popularity of this unique marketing form. Like any other type of business, therefore, it pays to do your homework and to investigate a Referral Marketing or (Empfehlungsmarketing as they call it in Germany) opportunity thoroughly before getting started. Here are some criticisms of Referral Marketing along with some tips on how to protect yourself: Sometimes the hype built up by some Referral Marketing (or Empfehlungsmarketing as they call it in Germany) companies creates over-zealous individuals who ignore other forms of marketing. Be sure to explore alternate forms of selling or marketing your product in addition to a network or residual marketing format. Some multi level marketing (MLM) companies claim to be environmentally or socially responsible but sell highly processed or mass produced products with questionable benefits (especially in the health food or weight loss arenas). Research a product to see if it really is -green- if it claims to be. -Green-washing- is a popular practice nowadays where companies claim that their product is organic or environmentally friendly but it really isn’t. Pyramid schemes disguised as legitimate Referral Marketing( or Empfehlungsmarketing as they call it in Germany) opportunities give MLM a bad name. Pyramid schemes, or what have also become known as -Ponzi schemes- after a famous proprietor of these illegal forms of business, are just that: Illegal and wrong. Referral Marketing ( Empfehlungsmarketing as they call it in Germany) involves selling a real and useful product or service while paying fair commissions to everyone in the network who sells that product or service. Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, are designed to draw people into networks and do not market good products. They are only aimed at inducing people to give others their money. Referral Marketing or Empfehlungsmarketing as they call it in Germany by its very nature causes you to create your own competition. Because you are essentially recruiting others to work for you doing the same thing, you are recruiting more people to sell the same product as you, which is essentially competition. This decreases the number of potential buyers of your product or service. That’s why it’s to your advantage to recruit people who are going to sell to others who you normally wouldn’t reach on your own. You buy more products than you sell. Another criticism is that you become part of someone’s network by purchasing their product. Say, for example, you want to sell a vitamin that makes skin look more youthful which you receive via mail on a monthly basis. If you don’t recruit anyone else to buy this vitamin regimen, you’re spending money every month but you aren’t bringing any money in for yourself. If you don’t have the personality or drive to work on your business, you won’t be able to make money with Referral Marketing. You cannot simply sit back and watch the money roll in with little or no effort, which is what some companies claim. If you want to get involved with a Referral Marketing or Empfehlungsmarketing as they call it in Germany business, look at each prospective product and judge it carefully based on the above criteria and criticisms before starting. As with any other business transaction, -let the buyer beware,- and use your best judgment before proceeding.

Info on Scholarship Resources, Financial Aid, and Grants

It is without a doubt that college tuition and other related expenses are continuously on the rise. For many students and parents, it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to afford all of the costs associated with getting a top-notch college education. Nonetheless, there are a variety of options that students and families can use in order to afford school. Whether its scholarships, financial aid or student loans, here is a comprehensive overview of different ways parents and students can get financial assistance.


Getting a scholarship or fellowship is perhaps the most common method that students can use to help pay for school. Usually these financial awards are based on merit such as academics. However, there are many scholarships and fellowships available for those who are ethnic minorities, women, religious minorities and other groups of individuals who generally have had to face mounting barriers to receive an education. There are also a variety of fellowships available to those who plan on entering a in-demand career such as education or engineering. Thankfully now we have plenty of resources to find information on a wide range of opportunities based on your unique set of circumstances. There are many on-line resources that will give students and parents the ability search different education-based financial awards to help pay for college.


Grants are second most common form of tuition and expense financing. Grants are usually offered by both state and federal governments to those who can demonstrate some sort of limited income or financial hardship. The most common education grant given to students is the Pell Grant, however, recent law changes have made it more and more difficult for students to get this grant. Other that are available are the TEACH Grant which is given to those interested in pursuing a degree in education and plan on teaching in a high-needs community such as an inner-city or rural neighborhood. Students should talk with a financial aid counselor to explore different education grant opportunities.

Student Loans

Student loans are often a last resort for many students. Education loans come in two different forms: private and government-subsidized. Many private banks offer parents the option to finance their children’s education costs through private loans. The interest rates typically are higher and the repayment options after graduation tend to be not as lenient compared to government-subsidized loans. Federal government-subsidized loans typically have lower interest rates, generous repayment plans and students have the ability to have their debt wiped out after ten years if they pursue a career in public service.

Other forms of financial aid

There are other forms of financial aid that students and parents can consider. The first option is looking into work-study programs offered by various universities. In exchange for lowered tuition rants and housing assistance, many universities will require students to work in an university office for a certain amount of hours per week. Students also are required to keep up a certain GPA in order to remain in good standing with their work-study program.

There is no need to worry about being burned with the rising school costs. It’s just a matter of doing your research and exploring different options when it comes to being able to afford expenses. The internet is filled with a plethora of resources, just do careful planning and do not wait until the last minute to start exploring different options. Many awards and programs have deadlines that are anywhere between six months to a year out. Parents should start looking for different awards while their children are enrolled in the latter half of their sophomore year in high school.

Internet Dating Tips

You need to ask yourself some questions before you place an ad on a web-dating site. A question like: will I be able to be committed in my search for love? Normally, on a web-dating site you are not expected to meet that perfect person within two days you subscribed. You need commitment; you need to exercise patience so that you won’t fall into a wrong hand. Internet dating demands for fun and not anxiety; you need to enjoy yourself when using Internet dating for finding love. When people that are looking for perfect partners are not under pressure; this is when they have their success with web dating. The followings are some tips for Internet dating.

Do not be discouraged – Some individuals believe that everyone you will find using internet dating is not a good person. Online dating has the stigma that only the rejected individuals, or losers patronize it. Some people have the belief that when they browse through the profiles of other members, it is these set of bad individuals that will be the results of their search. If you really want to know the truth about Internet dating, you need to ask yourself these questions: Are you bad? Are you a rejected individual? Or, are you a looser? If your answer is -no, I am not’. Then, you should know that there are so many individuals like you looking for love online. Assuring you that you are not the only good person using online dating sites, there are so many good people like you; in fact there are a lot of hardworking professionals waiting to meet a good person like you.

Patience – Internet dating demands for a lot of time and effort, if you date one and you are not interested in the person, you will need to try another, do not be discouraged when you date one, two or three people, and you are not okay with them. You will need to try more. That perfect person for you is there waiting for you; all you need is: put in more of your efforts, for you to meet the person that is perfect for you. Do not loose hope easily with online dating.

Create a great profile – When you chose online dating service you prefer. The next thing is to create a great profile. It is how you created your profile that will make your potential dates want to know you more, your profile needs to describe your personality, use your profile to show your qualities. If you create a great profile you will have more dates; it is now left to you to choose your perfect date from many dates you have.

Do not disclose all – Potential dates may be discouraged to contact you when they see that in your profile you disclosed how you just lost your job, or how you have just broken up with your spouse, they may not be willing to contact you with these types of information in your profile. Honestly, you need to keep some things that might not present you positively, but don’t lie.

You need to watch your tone – After creating your profile, suggested to you invite a friend or a relative to assist you in reading your tone. You should not sound too confident or self promoting. Some individuals don’t appreciate self promoters or over confident person. How well your online dating profile was prepared will have a great effect on your online dating success. You need to take your online dating profile serious when you are using online dating service to find perfect partners.

Try to make your introduction a unique one – Do not use an introductory line that is very common with other people, you need to make your own introduction a unique one, when you make your introductory line a unique one, your dates would respect you for this effort, and might want to know you more.

Use your real and current photos on your profile – Use your real and current photos on your online dating profile; do not be shy of using your own photos. You will need to post your photos, if really you are looking for someone to love, someone that will know you as a person and a friend, someone that you may become best of friends, and sure, someone you will meet for a date. If you post your own photos, your potential dates will see you, and the ones that like what they see will contact you. But if you post somebody else’s photos, your dates might fall in love with a wrong image or dislike a wrong image of you, which is not good enough. So, allow your dates to love you for who you are, or dislike you for who you are; this is not bad, since it is you; there would be no future disappointments, if there is any disappointment, let the disappointment come now or never. Use your real image.

You need to be confident – Most people do not appreciate those who are overconfident, you need to know the difference between when you are confident and when you over do it. Try and ensure that your profile presents you as someone who is confident and not the person who is showing too much pride in his or her profile. If you are not certain if your profile makes you sound boastful rather than being confident. You need to read it resoundingly; read as if you were not responsible for it, just for you to know if the person that wrote those words was boastful or was just being confident. Assuming that the statements resemble boastful ones, you need to continue altering it till when it sounds less boastful, and just confident. Many people appreciate confident person but detest bragging type. Good luck!